People Time lines?

All set to lift the engine in ICE on Monday to replace the sump gasket, no simple job, so I will be happy when it is over and we can tidy the boat again. Right now it is trashed with gear everywhere. I am still sleeping in the cockpit. Hopefully have the bottom pained and back in the water by next weekend??..Our “ledged crew”, American John Torsch and Swiss Gregory Liechti are both in New Zealand adventuring right now, John in his camper van and Gregory guiding dolphin tours!! They have never met each other and are both about three years into global traveling. They will join ICE early May. I have a few people thinking about the third spot, but Jane and I may just leave it at four of us onboard, as there is a lot of gear headed this way and later in the year we will have a few “extras” onboard at times.

Looks like I am headed back to China for a week on the 10th May, about when all the equipment arrives from China into Fiji, so it is going to be a busy time for sure. I am talking to quite a few applicants for Blue Base. Jane is promising to put crew profiles up very soon!! I have to design BLUETREASURE T-Shirts now…the list is never ending!! Gregory speaks French and “SPANISH” ( handy if we find a Spanish ship!,) is a Dive instructor and tells some crazy stories!! He spent a couple of days with us here at the marina last weekend! Something tells me there will be interesting times ahead, John just bought a guitar for the first time in his life!! (I told him he has to sleep with it onboard, as there is not much room on the boat!) and is now having his first Kite surfing lessons. Hmmm???