Pictures on their way!

Well Jane has now set up nearly 200 pictures to put into the Tonga Photo Gallery…we hope to get them up on friday, using a highspeed link in Neiafu the centre of Vavau so keep an eye out for that…Steve has given us a couple of his shots too..his ‘Two Weeks in Tonga”…may be the subject of an exhibition and he has some awsome subjects.

It is all about swiming with whales here at the moment and hanging out on Marks Treasure Island resort. Still have things happening in Nuku ‘Alofa with seeking some new permits and building relationships with the locals. Amit has met up with a guy to give him Kite Boarding lessons and he gets to KITE TOO!!! so all smiles there, Kylie has taken off with Grant on his boat, hunting surf and fish for a couple of days, Jane has been getting more cooking lessons from the Cheffs on the island here and I have been working on the boat and the computer.

Some one left a tap dripping the other night onboard ICE and we pumped out nearly 400 ltrs of fresh water which was not fun!! Kym Hands the young Whale Shark guru from Western Australia arrives for a couple of weeks on friday..she is dreaming about swimming with whales here something she has never done and we are hoping she does not loose the sticks of salami and blocks of cheese she has in her bags!!!

Check out the shots soon…



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  1. Brian Smith

    Hi Don,
    I had a incredible whale snorkle experience for a full day with Ono from Sailing Safaris quite some time ago. Jon Boy Beauchamp was the owner. Not sure if they are still in business.But if you can track down Ono he is the best one to take you to the whales. Sept was the best month for whales that I saw over 6 years in the area. Doing any research on the wreck we discussed?
    Brian on SOOKE

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