Plane on it’s way!

After a long night of frustrating comms with the UK based response team, all the paper work was completed around 0700hrs this morning. Tongan phones and faxes would not work etc etc, but the UK team did everything they could. Jane was up all night and I was onto comms constantly from 0200hrs. At 0400hrs I commandeered a car to rush to the hospital and the driver was way cool!.. So the Careflight Australia Medivac team flew out of Sydney at around 0800hrs this morning bound for Vavau and will arrive here around 1800hrs tonight. The medical team will examine Kylie in the hospital and then as the pilots have run out of Command Flight hours for the day, they have to sleep. Kylie will then fly out of here at 0600hrs tomorrow, bound for Brisbane, arriving around 0930hrs tomorrow local time. Not sure of the hospital yet. Her parents are in the “loop” now with the Australian side of logistics.

If you ever wondered about travel is your answer…this is with INSURE4LESS…the only one that we could find that would insure for more than three months out of the country….they have been superb so far!!!

Kylie is comfortable and still smiling, but then again, she has been smiling forever, even from the moment she was bitten…that is just her!! The first Mermaid we have had on ICE!!


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  1. Pam French

    Hi Don, so glad to hear Kylie will be OK. Must have been a bit of a shock. Don’t think I’ll tell your Mum!! Pam (cousin)

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