Port Au Prince FOUND!!??

Wow….interesting stuff…just as I was writing the last blog a local diver Tevita Moala from the next island north of us, announced to the world that he had found the wreck of “Port Au Prince”…we did not know that at the time, as we then headed to the well known spot described by the survivors of that important wreck and started having some fun diving…amazing place and lots to see and experience but nothing found…today we came back into town to find the story written up in the New Zealand Herald….Tevita has certainly found a wreck, and who knows what it is, but I wonder if it is actually “that” one? as if so, it would mean all the history and first hand accounts of this important wreck and the events that took place around it, when it was over run by the locals and half the crew killed. Could all these accounts be wrong?? Tevita’s find it is simply in the wrong spot according to those accounts that seem very specific?. The “Port Au Prince” was ransacked and burned to the waterline after being dragged ashore after it’s anchors were cut. the anchors were found some years ago by anorther local dive company. This was all supposed to have happened on the North west coast of Lifuka, a different Island completely??..so could everyone else including the survivors and the Tongan Chiefs and warriors have all been wrong??? Interesting hey!!…BUT…I hope it is NOT the “Port Au Prince”…because that could mean it is a whole new wreck….maybe even a new untouched find…as roumer has it that the “Port Au Prince” was discovered in the 70’s by a Japanese dive team and plundered to the tune of $50-300,000,000 back then, with no effort at all to recover any of the lost history?? it may have even been blown apart with explosives to get at the gold??

There is no doubt that there are yet to be discovered wrecks in Tonga and that some have already been discovered and plundered…I just hope that what ever happens now with this and future wrecks, that the best possible Archaeological standards are utilised and appropriate surveys and conservation are adhered to. It is exciting that a new wreck has been found and well done to Tevita for making the discovery..I can’t wait to hear the details of how he came across it.

Now that we are moving around Tonga and speaking to the locals, it is all too plain that we are hearing too many “stories” about things “happening” to wrecks here in Tonga…Tevita has a story waiting to be told here and he should be proud of the fact ( even applauded!) that he has released the news to the media and the world. This appears to me to be the first step in making this discovery Transparent and not kept secret for private plunder, which is illegal by the way…

Tomorrow we head out to Tofua, the active Volcano and site of Bligh’s cave and apparently awesome fishing??…Steve Fraser, the Mr Smooth of Photography ( www.stevefraser.co ) flew in today on a World War II DC3 which was really slick!..he is onboard for two weeks, We sailed to Antarctica together last season. After a few days out there, we hope to head back to Namooka and a couple more wrecks! It was raining yesterday and we caught 100 gal of water which was nice and the markets here had everything today!! so all happy here….even the internet is a little faster but do not want to try pic’s??

We will not be back online now for another week…still whales everywhere..food is good..no surf for Kylie, Amit did a night dive so he is happy, Jane is screaming every time we see whales and dolphins so she is happy and I just missed getting ICE stuck on a reef, so I am VERY happy tooo!..we are sailing in company with Grant, a Kiwi, with the Salar 40, so that is the only issue I suppose…hanging out with another bloody Kiwi!…but he is silly enough to call an Aussie!! and he has the best snacks onboard!!..so all good!




  1. Lifuka Boy

    This is funny. Tevita Moala does not have a permit to remove anything from Tonga Water, how about you Don? What legal rights do you have to do this in Tonga Don? Unless you work your honesty way out to squeez something under the table to benefit you and curse your ancestors and those who are with you on this project. By the way, beware of the native waves that will knock up on your door very soon.

    • bluetreasure2

      Hi Lifuka boy…thanks for the comments,.,,Unfortunately it is not funny as the situation with the Port Au Prince from what we see is very poor…no survey, not documentation, no archeologicle investigation,absolutely nothing at all..it is still open to plundering and what can I say…if you read my latest blog you will see that there are some things that I still cannot talk about!!…one day we will and even you may be surprised but yes,…we have absolutely NO intention of diving on the wreck that Tevita has unless the Govt, asked us to help…

      FYI ..stay tuned for more here and you will see that when we finally decide to dive the wrecks known and unknow in Tonga..we will be leagal….right now we have not dived any wrecks..we are here to Help Tonga and Protect the wrecks from plunder…but you will have to wait to see that …thanks again…Don

  2. Lifuka Boy

    hahahaa… you are contradicting with yourself Don. You stated that “the situation with the Port Au Prince from what we see is very poor…no survey, not documentation, no archeologicle investigation,absolutely nothing at all” and yet you have making a lot of shameful statement and writing to Tongan Authorities about the removal of the Anchor? Why you concerning that much? Also I came to notice that you have pushes the Tongan Authorities to work with you not the Tongans? How can you say that? Do you think you should be trusted? I want you to note that you are a Foreigner here in our home, and what’s happening here by local people are acceptable and acknowledged, this is our home, who are you? Your homeland ocean are not bothered by Tongans and you should do the same to us.

    Let me ask you this- how much you are going to give to the Government from your project with Mark? How many locals you are going to employ? What have you contributed economically to Tonga?

    My Government should becareful, to only work with the devil they know, not the devil that they do not know, and that is YOU.

    But look here, get your license and prove yourself to Tongan Leaders that you can smuggle the findings/items/antiques/bullions under their nose without their knowledge and that is your global purposes and why you here for.


    • bluetreasure2

      Hey it is so good to at least have someone who actually cares in Tonga…so I really appreciate your comments….but I do not believe I am giving contradictory statements at all…we have a very clear open agenda for all our activities and only work with the People of Tonga AFTER they have invited us to help them…to offer our logistics and expertise which simply is not available in Tonga….we will do NOTHING..unless asked to do something by the People of Tonga who need help.

      You may laugh if I tell you a couple of days ago someone asked me if I wanted to buy the so called “port au prince” anchors….interesting hey..

      So if I hd offered to buy one anchor for $500,000 as someone in Britain may have,,,,they would only ever pay that IF IT WAS definitely!!!! FROM the port au Prince…but guess what,….not only have they damadged the anchor the way they removed it…there has been NO ARCHEOLOGICAL investigation or survey to get PROOf the anchor really is from the Port au Prince…so pitty the poor guy if he buys it???…is it really that anchor??…no one has PROOF as no one did the survey?…Interesting hey..the value is stuffed…

      Yes I am a foriegner, but Tonga asks for help from Palangis all the time..we help!!..because we like tonga…BUT if the current actions are approved by Govt. and I believe they may be…I do not think the majority of Tongans know what is happening and may not approve? Under current salvage permits the Govt. only get 30% of any value…If we ever did anything we make sure the Tongans get over Double that!!!

      We will make sure we employ Tongans if we can…but unlike is the current situation..all divers will be certified and insured, diving to the safest profiles we can…and if you can find a Tongan marine archeologists please let me know??

      There are many wrecks in Tonga…BUT the Port au Prince is the single most important one and requires special consideration…that is all I hope for the Tongan people.

      I was asked by a Senior Govt minister to come to Tonga to HELP sort the situation nearly three years ago..he has since died…but I fully intend to hounor that commitment I made him. There are many good Tongans that want to stop the stealing and plunder of the wrecks currently taking place and make sure it is shared with all Tongans…so…

      Remember this..we are the only organisation that is being open and honest, not trying to hide things from the people of Tonga. What about the others?? and why is it that people who comment here are too scared to be open with their opinions??.they are annonymous???.nothing wrong with dissagreeing with activities…healthy discussions make for better outcomes..that is how a democracy works…I never say I am always right..I just try to do my best??

      Again great to hear your views…this is a controversial subject and everyone deserves to have their say and do it openly…nothing of this importance will please everyone all the time..but the good people know…

      Thanks again for your comments and good to know you are still interested……Don

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