Windy night, so I slept in the cockpit to make sure we did not swing onto the reef..then off at first light..sailing! first lesson for the new crew..wowow!..engine/Prop numbers nearly normal!! Destination CLOUD BREAK for Kylie!..we dropped the anchor and she was OFF!..1.5/2mtr messy but OK! amit folllowed with fins and the camera!..two hours later Kylie returned streaming BLOOD! (shallow reefs hey!)..but all smiles I (patcher her up, now no water for two days!!..aggh!)and here is the shot!..sailed away after lunch, escorted by 15 dolphins and some screaming crew, for the “infamous” Musket Cove resort..Amit took charge of the boat through some tricky reef pilotage and learnt a lot!!!, Kylie dropped the anchor and I realise that you get sunburnt living on the flybridge, but what a hang out!!…I just sent the crew off to the bar on the Zodiac with our unreliable outboard, paddles and a radio!!…Life hey!…Don