Shipping Challenges??

Jane and I are in China now. Our shipments from China and Australia to Fiji are looking good and on their way, but our efforts to get “IKI” (our new fast dive boat) sorted and onto a ship on the East coast of the USA, then to Tonga, Via New Zealand are NOT! My original time line had the boat leaving USA mid March, arriving Tonga mid May, ready for work early June out on the island of EUA. Hmm?? Unfortunately ‘IKI” is still not on it’s new trailer, the work on the engine is still not done and we have not loaded it yet…worse still, the shipping agent is still waiting to confirm to me a ship schedule and a loading date! Why am I not surprised?? I am hoping to have some definite dates by the end of next week!! But by the look of things it may be up to two months late!! Oh what FUN!! For those Blue Base Crew on standby waiting??..I cannot yet confirm a date to open operations on Nomuka have not selected/confirmed any crew for Blue Base for now. As soon as I confirm a shipping date from USA, I can work up a time line from there….I will then know when Mag. Operations in EUA can commence and then can make plans for when Blue Base will open??. .. the clock is ticking…So it is more “hurry Up waiting”….


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  1. Brownie

    No doubt it will get there at some stage. I will keep my fingers crossed for sooner rather than later. Brownie

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