SNAKES! and Customs..we are OFF!!!

The last week in the Marina went fast, goodbyes, dinners, whole boat polished!..thanks guys! More training, sails repaired,picked up ordered frozen meat, but on the boat found it not frozen! back to butcher. 0600hr start on Friday , fill water, move to fuel dock for top up, last washing and showers, then off at 0930 streaming 90minutes to Customs wharf Lutoka, rescue drifting boat with two Fiji families and tow to dock, then over to anchor by mangroves and head ashore to “check in time” with Customs/immigration, then off to town for fruit/veg, bread etc, load that and then pick up refrozen meat, filled freezer but Sausages did not fit, so gave away, then coming ashore for final customs, I am driving, standing up, rest of crew all looking ahead, I feel “smooth cold slithering” on my foot, look down and a 1mtr Black banded sea snake( super venomous!) is crossing over it!..move it off and tell others with a smile, there is a sea snake IN THE BOAT..LOL!, Kylie nearly swims for it!, Jane is confused as it is moving toward her….Amit is Amazed…asks me if he can pick it up. “No problem” so we put him over the side.

Just the night before, I was telling the crew to expect “sea snake curiosity”, like following you up into the all cool!

Back onboard, sorted the boat overnight ( can’t leave on a Friday!)..Saturday, up anchor and a VERY muddy chain. Salt water washdown not working, as replacement only arrived from Margie in Hobart the day before ..SO!! buckety and scrubbing brush the chain..Kylie’s knot comes undone, we loose the bucket, so I ask Amit to jump in and save it,..thanks!..he ties the new knot, on the second use, his knot comes undone!.we loose it again! .he jumps in…we get away..crew need more training , but we all laugh A LOT!!…and decide the prop needs a better clean, so anchor behind “BountyIsland” for scrapping again..we have the regulators now so can scuba …BIG MOON & head winds forecast and we have four days to Tonga, so should be there by the next weekend ..WOW!..see you then…Don & Crew