Software/hardware challenges..

Our Explorer mag is quite sophisticated and runs a software program called “BOB”, to extrapolate all the data and make the unit user friendly…it is an impressive program…anyway, after we started using the software that came with the unit back in October, we realised we should be using the new BOB…so were sent that for free…so began a two week session of communication and support from Marine Magnetics in Canada, and downloading lots of “bits”. Turns out we were the first to use the “NEW improved” BOB, released just days before, which drove Annetta batty!! And challenged her expertise, but she did an awesome job and in the end, we discovered not “wrecks”..but issues in the new BOB, so they gave us the previous ordinary BOB…and that worked….but then!!! we had some challenges with the Mag signal!!…while working that through…the NEW BOB was offered again, so we grabbed him and wowow!! Perfect…really cool and groovy…but HMMMM..still some issues with the Mag itself…our signal strength was OK, but magnetic gradient was getting some interference or lack of contrast…so??…

Try and try again…we had the Mag 200 meters out behind ICE..still no good…we took it to the beach..set Annetta up with a battery, the computer, isolator box …but unfortunately no coconut tree…then streamed the mag 200 meter out into the water a stationary situation just for testing , no interference situation, but the problem is still there after four more days of tests…OPPS!!…Bummer…so now only one thing for it…send it back to Canada for a check up….double bummer….

Four weeks after thinking we would now just set up the mag, plug and play?? we wave goodbye to our magic mag, while BOB now sits waiting in anticipation…we hope to see it back in about two weeks?? Marine Magnetics have been extremely supportive, so we are happy about that!!

WE have not made it to Nomuka yet, only done one dive, but another planned for today, not caught a fish, but keep trying, only explored a couple of islands and another island planned for today, we count the weeks by the pizza nights and they roll through faster than we prefer, IKI has FINALLY headed to the ship to be loaded, what an epic??, the weather has been basically poor to bad and after tomorrow there will be four days of 25/35kt winds forecast, so we are getting to Know Nuku Alofa quite well…and the Bikes are very handy!! Brownie keeps things working, Yau keeps his cameras polished and ready, cooks scones twice a day sometimes and has the cleanest feet on the boat! Jane is feeding us and winning the card games and I keep considering all options!

I wish I had something more exciting to report, but this is what you call the unglamorous side of this exercise and there is always more of that than the other. Fortunately the crew are all in this and understand lifehas no guarantees but is still fun and what you make of it!!…so now we will just have to try to have a holiday while we wait…things could be worse!!