Still in Antarctica!!

Been a great season down south leading National Geographic ORION into the Ross Sea, Antarctica..the ice has just disappeared!! So it is wide open something we have not seen in 20 years..amazing, so no dramas. We made Scotts and Shackleton huts and steamed SOUTH of McMurdo station…to 77. 556 south latitude!!…off on the second trip now. Things are starting to happen for this new season in Tonga..We have selected two of our crew for ICE, Jane is buying new equipment in China and preparing to ship all that to Fiji, before flying to New Zealand to join me as expedition team on the ship end of February. It will be the last voyage to the NZ Sub Antarctic’s. We have named our new fast dive boat “IKI” and are prepping it to ship from Florida to Tonga via New Zealand. WOW!!..another year already…we are now sorting crew for BLUE BASE…so look forward to hearing from you!!! This could be a very special year!!

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