Stuck in Pangi!! Photos in the gallery!!

Friday 16th…well we headed off on Wednesday for Pangi and passed whales all fact we had to be vigilant not to hit them as they are everywhere…we had some great close encounters arriving about was the big agricultural show day..His Majesty the King was in town and decorations everywhere…we hit town for the internet, and on dusk returned to ICE in the harbor to find it alight with thousand of flaming torches for miles all around the coast of the whole island. It is a special celebration reserved for special this case the first visit by the king…every child and every person makes a torch from coconut tree leaves…it was HUGELY impressive…sounds simple, but it took you back to hundreds of years of custom…all the crew were amazed…

Next day it was more internet and shopping to discover, to our great surprise, that there was no petrol or LPgas left in town..OPPS!! we need about 200 ltrs of petrol for outboards, generator, compressors etc so will now have to wait until the next ferry arrives on Monday night…the Gas will not be available till next Friday so we will go with what we have….unfortunately the community meeting on Nomuka is scheduled for Monday morning, so I will not be able to attend, but Joshua is there to explain, so things may be OK??

John has been back in the USA for a few weeks and arrives in Pangi today to rejoin the crew. Tomorrow we will head up to Ha’Anao for a few days to check out things there. Jane posted a heap of photos on the gallery so check them out…weather is OK so a little bit more hurry up waiting!