THE END!!!! off to FIJI…

Friday 25th…OCTOBER..Strong wind warning..SE 25kts THE END GAME!!!.In Pangi!!fresh food, phone calls, and clearing out with customs and immigration today. Last minute servicing and jobs on looking reasonable for a departure over the weekend…Next Blogs will be from Fiji late next week!!..hope you enjoyed reading of our adventures…next week, after telling of the trip across to Fiji , Blogs daily will cease till next season. About a week later, Jane will post hundreds of Pictures ( and maybe some videos?) on the “Gallery” section of the web site, with captions, so check back on that!! I will come up every few weeks and tell the latest news and planning..we may also be able to say more about some “things” that happened this year..(subject to the appropriate clearance) there is still more to tell of the 2013 season…

THANK YOU to all the people of TONGA who are part of this exciting project. Thanks for your support and assistance and the invitation to come and help you locate, protect and recover your lost Maritime history. Without this, Tonga Blue Ltd simply would not exist. There is a story yet to be told and you are all part of that. A special Thanks to Joshua and Bill for all your important advice and assistance. Mark and I cannot thank you enough.

Next year promises to be VERY INTERESTING!! The past three years have set up important ground work and a network of supporters. We are stronger for that. The Magnetometer will change the game completely next year….this year we had believed we would be shown the exact position of the wreck sites, (so no need to invest the $50,000 in the Magnetometer and associated equipment)….but the information was not as “specific” as we hoped so we now have the Magnetometer being delivered in a few weeks. We will trial that over the summer in Preperation to our work in Tonga next year.. There is no doubt about the quality of the information though in relation to wrecks. We know there are both plenty of challenges ahead and serious potential to locate a wreck of significance. At the end of the day, this is a great adventure with an unknown outcome, something many just dream about!! It is happening in the beautiful Kingdom of Tonga, a place that is really special and a place you should all try to visit one day.

I came into this project in 2010 never expecting it to be easy. I am still happy to be here!! There are so many people around this project that have always thought we would just arrive, dive, and bring up amazing finds..that never happens. We are here for the long haul and next season will be very important, hard work, frustrating, expensive, windy and exciting..I can’t wait!. THINGS WILL HAPPEN for sure!! So watch this space!! It promises to be an eye opener…Bye for now…Don & Jane.


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  1. Stuart Keane

    Hi Don & Jane
    Bon Voyage and Fair Winds to Fiji

    Stuart Lynn & All the Keane’s

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