The gang is all here!

WOW!…Time flies…Kylie on the right of the photo arrived on Tue 10th..Amit in the middle “testing” the pegs arrived on the 26th last month!..Jane on the left has ben onboard for a year now and is looking on!..I was stuck in China when flights to Fiji were cancelled due to flooding, then a Cyclone..Jane and Amit had all systems on ICE prepared, but it missed…anyway, I arrived a week ago today .

The work list has had a big deck clean and wash getting rid of 5 months mould..servicing bits and training the crew into ICE. Weather seems to be getting more stable, so if all goes well, we could be out of here by the end of the month…there is pleanty to do. Waiting for some parts from USA and Australia. the zodiac has completely fallen apart so trying major repairs now, About to fit a brand New injector pump and give Bill’s yelow one ( fitted in Tarawa)back to Sea Horse Marine

So what is with the pegs!! Amit was telling us about one of the ways he raised the money to be here..he sold his body to science for a few weeks. He was paid good money while”they” did strange things to his body mind and sole!! the girls though they should try out the pegs!!..they worked!!

Will be blogging every few days now…Bye….Don