The hunt for “BLUE BASE” crew!



To join Australian Geographic Society 2012 “Life Time of Adventure” awardee Don McIntyre, on one of the greatest Underwater Maritime History explorations the Pacific has seen.

You do not need experience, just passion and a sense on adventure. It involves many untouched 16-18th centaury wrecks, uninhabited TropicalIsland “BLUE BASE” camp on “Nomuka Iki”, and 5 star dive support vessel ‘ICE”. Three years of planning now moving to operational phase. Govt. permits and Kingdom of Tonga Royal Family support.

Marine Biology, Science or Archeological experience welcome. You will be assisting with preliminary surveys and investigations of known wrecks in the Kingdom of Tonga and playing with whales!. Sign on for a minimum of 10 weeks, starting 1st July. 2013 Require Dan insurance , min 40 dives and hands on attitude. Small team of six on ‘Blue Base” team, Support Vessel “ICE” carries another team of four. You pay $400 per week all found. This is the beginning of the next five year plan for Tonga Blue Ltd. We will be looking for good people in various positions in the future. Follow progress and more details on blog.

Contact Don McIntyre, Icebound with expression of interest. ( No large files please as often via satellite)