Well time surely is not waiting for anyone! WE are busy in Tonga at the moment with “representations” and “information” being delivered to various parties by Joshua, our associate there. Jane and I are still busy coordinating and now packing gear here in China and Grant from “Lochiel” is getting ready for our arrival in Fiji. We have decided to “lift” the engine on ICE to replace a leaking sump gasket that is a “carry over” from our engine dramas in Tarawa in 2011. I am enlisting the help of local engineers for that, so with the full servicing and bottom painting of ICE as well, before we go back in the water, I am hoping the weather in Fiji gets a little cooler. We have no aircon until we are afloat again and it is “hot’ there right now.

The past few weeks have been fun sorting and talking with potential crew applicants from all over the world! many fun people out there looking to grab a bit of life! At the moment the first two to sign on have both come from the USA!! describes himself as the “globe trotting Chef” and the other I would describe as “the mud monster” J !! You will understand why when we post their profiles later… There is something about expeditioning people that ensures they are always the type of people I want to hang out with!!…wonder why?

I always maintain that there is no such thing as a silly question. Some times I get asked some real dandies. A common recurring question from potential crew is and I quote. “I have a skeptical question now. I know that in your call for volunteer divers you didn’t require experience, and I am wondering why you would want inexperienced crew to work on an archeological expedition?’

For those that are interested, hear is a typical response to something similar I sent a few days ago…….

It all comes down to Passion, rather than experience and I much prefer hanging out with passionate people…what I have always found, is that you are either into it, or not! Scott of the Antarctic never had experience when he set off to Antarctica, he just wanted to do it, so he thought about it, made plans and preparations, then did it…admittedly he died.. lol!!…but he never went to the “University of Antarctic Exploration” first either, as there was no such thing……some professionals, or highly experienced people, sometimes treat “awesome projects” as just a job…some even become indignant that they may have to pay up to $400 a week to help with food and other costs to be part of the team. This project is NOT just a job., it is still in the “adventure” phase. …I use a $$ contribution also so sort out those that really WANT to be there…if it was free, I would be flooded with Volunteers. Importantly I want to encourage those who question their level of skill to become involved. In my eyes passion beats experience every time. You can gain experience but you cannot just learn or gain passion and passionate people are the ones that learn the fastest because they really want to be involved..…I really have no “experience” either on many things. I have never set up a Tropical Island base before?….there is so much new ground to cover, new things to learn and that is the exciting part…but I always believe that if you want to do something you can…on everything I have ever done, some people have said…”you can’t do that”….I say why not…they say “you do not have the experience??”..I say…SO WHAT!…and sometimes they say….”you do not have the money either” I just smile.. J ! ( I did not have the money either when I did the BOC Challenge in 1990, but spent $750,000 doing it!)….I just say there are so many reasons NOT to do things and that is why so many people NEVER do!!!….I just get on with it and research, study, learn and use a very simple formula….Planning, Preparation & Execution!!…it has treated me well in life. I took Chris on the Talisker Bounty Boat Expedition for 48 days( all crew paid $20,000) and he had ZERO BOATING EXPERIENCE, had never been on ANY boat before in his life, until he stepped aboard and set off!…He had a ball because he had “Passion” and wanted to do it. It changed his life!! So never let any one say you can never do something, even without experience…you learn and get into it!! EVERYTHING you ever need to know, or learn is on the web hey!! Also remember that the people who have experience started with none and it is the COLLECTIVE experience of the whole Bluetreasure team and their Passion that makes things happen…and then it is fun too!

Of course the other reason I say “no experience necessary” is because I want to encourage people to follow their dreams!..It is not every day you can join an expedition like Blue Treasure!! I have just completed writing a “corporate five year plan” for Tonga Blue Ltd. I can already see that we will probably be in Tonga for the next 5-10 years. The objectives will remain the same, but the size and scope of operations will grow and always remain flexible. One day we will no doubt be paying “specialists” to assist, but for now, this whole project is very much an adventure for the passionate few. We are all in it together and who knows where it will take us all!