Time to GO!!

Well the boat is loaded and the crew are still trying to find out where Nuku Alofa is!! After all this time!!!…but they have put in two days of work.. at last..and they are actually getting up and starting work by 10am..so wow!!!…the realization that they are about to stand watches together (4hrs on and 4hrs off) came as a bit of a shock..especially when they discovered they have to both be awake…so that will be interesting…the weather is looking surprisingly OK…by that I mean no SE head winds..but winds from the north and west then south, all aft of the beam hopefully, will no doubt mean squalls and rain…but we may be lucky…we have filled the fly-bridge with gear, so we may roll a bit more..the engine room is sparkling and the bilges are dry, but our fridge is dead..so no cold drinks!! until a part arrives from USA in Tonga in a few weeks…

Mark has been really busy in Tonga setting up all sorts of things and our new 25ft Dive boat is now building!!..ICE has a new RIB which is just right, so all looking good..we have the desalination system for Blue Base strapped to the saloon table at the moment…and every space on ICE filled…last minute shopping tomorrow and then Fuel and customs at 1pm..then off…

Will not be back on here Blogging, till about Saturday when we should be in by then..so lets hope we catch some fish on the way and the boys can get by without access to the shore!! ..but as I told them..we will never be more than a few miles from land…but it is straight down!!

At least now they will have no phones, so can enjoy what we are here for…all fun!!…see you from Tonga!!..Don


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