TONGA! and Comms Nightmare!

Departed Fiji Monday7th at 1700hrs after a last look at Cloudbreak. That night strong 25kt headwinds and three mtr seas..continuing all tue. and that night up to 38kts on the nose. thunder and Lightning , yes it was ugly with ICE’s bow lifting up and down 5 mtrs or more and very black nights till the moon came up! it swung as per the forecast on Wed. night and was OK after that with Thursday and Friday quite pleasant.

Arrived in Nuku Alofa at 1330 on Friday. Amit kept faling asleep, including on watch!..LOL..Jane just slept, Kylie ate! and I was just happy to get there!

I tried to buy an internet stick…but Tonga has none…they sold out..have to wait a month!! I am at the TCC communicatiions head office online int. caffe…it is so takes 8 minutes for a line of type to pop up…too slow to access most things…so I will have used two hours of time to write this blog and answer about five emails!!!…nightmare!!

On Sunday afternoon Amit returned to ICE and tied up our inflatable Kayak…but after dinner it was gone!!..quick search with the dingy and spot light.25kts , dark!.no good..Dawn yesterday Jane and I set off in the dingy as the wind swung during the night and it may have made the end of the island instead of bound for Fiji…after 80 minutes we returned..sorted ICE ..up anchor and head for three hours to the end of the island to continue the seachby Zodiac…we found it..and then arrived back at our original anchorage late in the day…so could not get to do internet till this…Tue…

Have lots to do here…but this internet nightmare is the biggest issue!!

A;ll happy to be here..there is a New Zealand cruising rally with 15 boats now in the Anchorage…we are anchored infront of the “KINGS ISLAND” 1 mile offshore from the city..very beautiful place and a classic little spot onshore!!..was first here in 1990 in the same anchorage in SPONSOR WANTED on my way to the start of the BOC CHALLENGE!! time ago…
More soon!..I hope..this took nearly 1 hour!! just to type onto screen…hope it sends..we cannot access!…Don


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