Tongan diver dies!

A sad day in Tonga, with reports of the funeral today for a local Tongan, who has died Scuba diving for treasure around EUA. We have no details of the accident. There are many wrecks in Tonga and most have never been surveyed. This accident took place in EUA. Some wrecks are in challenging situations, but others are an easy scuba dive. The temptations are great, but the risks are high, with many Tongans lacking appropriate training and equipment. Often these wreck sites are damaged forever by plundering and the items recovered sometimes may "disappear", bringing no benefit to the locals and ruining historic sites. After three years of planning and preparation, we are about to start working with the Locals of Tonga and with the support of the Royal Family and with Government permits, to "recover, conserve and protect" these priceless National Maritime Heritage sites for the benefit of all people in the Kingdom of Tonga. WE can only offer our sincere condolences to the family and friends of the deceased diver on this sad day. A few months ago, another Tongan diver was "Bent" and is now experiencing medical complications.