Tongan Life!

Well, we are moving into Tonga style now, which is OK..I have calmed down and accepted the slow internet as a way of life, but have no idea how business survives? When the people are so nice and the surroundings relaxed, things are not so bad. There have been some real changes here in the past two years since The Talisker Bounty Boat Expedition. It is all good. The world is catching up with Tonga at a rapid rate, with new hotels and businesses. There are FOUR Digicell Phone shops, within 250 mtrs of the main street and they are all busy selling phones and plans! You want for nothing here and the bakery is wicked!

The past week has been spent at anchor doing odd jobs on ICE and socializing a bit. A New Zealand Cruising rally brought about 20 boats to the anchorage and we all know what Kiwis are like!

The weather has been decidedly average..really cool with plenty of rain and high winds, a bit like Melbourne! This has surprised us all. Kylie spent three days at a surf camp, sleeping under a Doona in a double bed and the surf was good to!! even with “wet suit”. Jane has been cooking serious food! and washing ALL the dishes!, Amit has been sleeping, reading and reading sleeping! plus getting into the job list! Yesterday he returned to ICE very excited, having “discovered” a Kayak on the bottom and wanted to salvage it for off we went in the was in two meters of water, about 6mtrs from the resort!..I explained it belonged to the kids!! he gave it back..

Later this week, Amit is going to lead us through some diver training over three days to get us all up to rescue diver status. This will also give us all the chance to get diving/handling systems organized on ICE. Already we know fresh water will be the big issue for washing gear…the desalinator makes 6 gall. an hour, but we use a lot. Filing up at the wharf costs 17c a litre, so the crew are now only having half cups of tea! and we are catching rain water at every chance.

Yesterday, we thought our freezer had stopped working! It is Full of stuff!..turned out to be a minor problem, that gave me major concerns!!..and a salt water leak on the generator, turned out to be another blown Ant-siphon loop? Strange, as it is the second time in 650hrs?

Mark Belvidere is due back from America end of this month and then we plan to chat with some locals about future plans. Important Govt. meetings are scheduled for mid next month. Until then we are just enjoying Tonga and the fresh cheap market produce.