WOW!..what else can I say..

WOW!..interesting times..We have been hiding from the weather a bit as 20 to 35kt winds seem to prevail. Amit did not do the big Walker sailing expedition, as the weather was no good, but Kylie and he took off the next day and had some fun over on Fafa island. They had challenges getting off the beach to sail home and then sailed at full speed straight into a reef trying to take a shortcut? Eventually arriving at ICE with a dented pride! Centerboard and hull!..Hummmm Since then the little boat has been sailing all over, till the tiller-extension broke!..So it is now packed away for awhile.

Seems the word is out about wrecks in Tonga…lol..many are in on the act!…so not sure what this year will shape up to be, but the story grows every day…wish I could tell you more, but it may be sometime before we can “tell the tale”! We have not done any diving yet..All the “adventures” have been within meetings, phone calls and “verbal history”, but the colour is changing quite dramatically. All tremendous fun as we tread cautiously and very conservatively. There are deep waters to navigate yet! But therein lies the “Bluetreasure”, ….not the Gold and ancient timbers most think of…more like rusty iron, rotting pine and bigger than life characters, the stuff we will look back on and think..WOW!…. experiences straight out of the best novel you could ever find are all around us…at this early phase of this expedition, I really am amazed….

We finally lost the use of our outboard after some inadvertent prop damage..hmmm? So awaiting a replacement and now using the 4hp spare. The crew are “freezing” in the 24 degree temperatures and now have full sleeping bags for NANA naps that are still in force. Nights are 12 hours long as we approach mid-winter, so Amit went night swimming (without a torch) again, following big black creatures outlined in Phosphorescence. Kylie has been hitting the surf and Jane is worrying about the lack of exercise!, ICE is growing bright green slime on the waterline and there is one lone goose barnacle “George” on the stern, that we may just leave as our friend!

We all need to renew our visa’s..We have been here nearly a month!..WOW!..time flies when you are having fun, even while at times a little slow, just “going with the flow”…Hope to head to EUA island tomorrow..