Who will Race ?

It feels like two months. It is just two weeks. We are now 26 hoping to join the Golden Globe Family. We all visualise crossing the start line together on 14th June 2018, but how many of the first offered entries will realise that? How many will not live their dream, or be moved to the waitlist and replaced when missing a deadline. Those on the waitlist who keep the dream alive have a real chance to sail, as desire and reality often are not friends. Only passion determination and giving everything for the Golden Globe is enough to begin a journey into history.

The original Sunday Times Golden Globe Race is the Ancestor of all shorthanded racing around the world. The BOC challenge, The Vendee Globe, The Barcelona World race and others all came from this. Now a new generation is about to relive history and for the organisers our race has begun. How do we handle all the entries and the enquiries. One decision is now complete and will not change. There will only ever be 25 entries issued. The wait list can be a maximum of 15.  Already we may be oversubscribed, but no one yet has applied for an invitation, so let’s see if they do when they can.

On 1st July the release of the Pre-notice of Race will introduce some new rules and conditions for entry. You must now sail for a day under your jury rig in the ocean and again another day using your emergency rudder. You must pay the total non-refundable entry fees within 12 months of applying  and you must have your boat no later than June 14 2017. You can eat any food. Anyone can enter, even without a boat, money or sailing skills right now, but they must show us why we should let them. WE will let the best and the biggest in, we will let the average sailor or 16 year old in, even the serious dreamer can come, but only if they show us why we should and that they will really be at the start line.

As organisers our race begins now. We have some big challenges ahead and must deal with this amazing issue of too many applicants, that NO other around the world race has EVER experienced. Yes we are different and sponsors, partners and official suppliers to the event can see this too. Sailors and media are already captivated with this 2018 Golden Globe Race. Many are simply just plain excited. It is a happy challenge as an organiser and good to see followers now talking about this race as something to watch.

Applications for an invite open 1st July, 2015 and now CLOSE on December 31st 2015 (unless there is no wait list). We will chose carefully. The organisers have the right to give “special Invites” to five more sailors at any time up until March 31st 2018. We hope to see 25-30 sailors depart Falmouth.

Soon we will begin profiling possible entrants on the web site and then provisional entries as they become official in July. So if you are thinking about this adventure believe in yourself and make a decision. To be in the first fleet in 50 years racing the second edition of the Golden Globe only ever happens once and it is now.  Every one applying in this first round of applications will have an even chance of receiving an entry. Some will have to sit and wait and some may not be accepted?? Life is like that.

Some who finally will see all the rules may not continue. Believe you can do it and you probably will! It is about to begin.

Our story has been told by virtually every boating outlet around the world. I agree with the commentators who are saying we have awoken something really interesting and really big at the right time. We live in a sometimes challenging world where our Blue Sea and Sky are under threat and many of our kids struggle with the imagination to fuel their dreams. Just maybe this race will inspire others like the first.

2018 Golden Globe Race Founder.




  1. Kathy Kilbey

    This is something I always wanted to do, right from the Day RKJ did it! (Not to mention Clare Francis and Naomi James.
    Never thought the chance would come again 50 years on to do it as those guys did it AND that a suitable boat would also have come my way at the right time;
    roll on the invitation 🙂 ……….

  2. vittorio

    Dear Don
    I just apllied for reciving rules and entry fee directions. I’ have a life in sailing , yacht designer, builder of a very well reputated series of Italian blu water cruiser, nephew of Doi Malingri, first Whitebread italian entry CS&RB, my self competitor in many Ostars Quebec St Malo and second Vendee with my Moana 60 the first Open Boat to be built in Italy. I raced two handed and been part of the team for 5 year, with my good firnd Giovanni sodini on the Orma trimaran Tim I run now a very succesfoul ocean sailing school and a yard in Greece. I own a pinky schooner Time of wonder” and I cross occean alone with her. Next month I’ll take single handed from san blas (panama) to Greece in one shot.
    ALso my son Nio will aprly for this race.
    We are the italian sailing fmily, and well known in the world of professional sailor, I took to her fist atlantic race people like Helle Mc Arthur and many other.
    It is not my habit to make me big telling all this true storie and I want to tell you only one thing. I’m a media animal and I wrote two book on my vendee Globe and about the atlantic record from dakar to guadelupe that I hold with my 20′ non habitable beach cat. Royal Oak.

    I put my self in line for your screening of the 25 entry you will choose. I wait your roules to buy a boat comlaining with them and help you to promote the race on italian and international media as soon as you give me all infos.

    I am thinking to race on a NAB32 and I know that entries are from 33, most exemplars have clipper bow with fixed bowsprit, It that fitting you roules.
    If positive i buy one tomorrow, it is already here in our area at Ionion Martine, Preveza Greece.
    Thank in anticiapion for your answer.


  3. Kathy Kilbey

    Oh well, guess I’ll just have to be little old me from the 1940’s in my little old boat from the 1960’s competeing with all you big boys in your posh yachts…………. 😉 Gonna be interesting getting spares for my Taylors 029 kerosine cooker!

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