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...has been formed to reintroduce the lost art and traditions of Vaka sailing to the youth (15-25) of Tonga and then the Greater Pacific thought the establishment of a “Vaka” and “Vaka Voyaging Canoe” One Design class and implementation of Vaka training programs and sailing events.

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Come Join Us!

The Royal Nomuka Yacht Club welcomes visitors to the Island of Nomuka IKI. You can travel to us on the twice weekly ferry from TongaTapu, a pleasant six hour voyage, or visit on your yacht enjoying what is one of the most consistent (nearly) all weather anchorages right in front of our club. You can call us on channel 16 or phone ahead on +676 7759908

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The RNYC will hold formal Vaka training schools. The course will cover Practical and Theory subjects during the nine day live in training courses for young Tongans. Learn the lost art of Vaka sailing and experience this rich part of Tonga’s proud history is a special opportunity for all. Two thirds of the cost will be covered jointly by the Vaka Sailing Trust and McIntyre Adventure.