Movement VOI

We have had expressions of interest from interested overseas crew. Unfortunately this VOI is for Australian crew only.

Once the Australian crew are selected and set off for this “Voyage of Imagination” Don McIntyre will consider expanding the concept. With sufficient interest, it is possible to establish “franchises” for these sailing adventures in other countries around the world. The concept is very simple:
1. Find a Benefactor with a safe yacht, under 36ft, that the he/she is not using for two years and will “lend” for the voyage.
2. Raise the money to refit for the voyage and pay insurance.
3. Start the hunt for crew. There should be no more than one official VOI yacht from each country.

There are a lot of unused boats just “sitting” around the world. Just maybe, they could/should be sailing with a young crew! If you are interested in trying to set up a “Voyage of Imagination” in your country, or have a suitable yacht to offer - please contact Don. We will provide all the support we can, offer advice and opinions and just maybe, we could start a “Voyage of Imagination Movement” that inspires many?