Open Door

“This is our “OPEN DOOR” for YOU, or an organisation to come on in and get involved, supporting the crew and this project, at whatever level you feel good about.

If you feel as I do and want to promote the benefits of youth adventures in this sometimes crazy world we live in, then think about becoming a “team member”. We need to buy everything in RED in the work list below. Maybe you would like to buy us a VHF radio? or a tin of paint? maybe some tools or a Liferaft. Maybe you have an inflatable tender you are not using? Or some used charts? Spare pair of Binoculars no longer needed? It does not have to be new, as long as it is serviceable we are happy to have it??. As a team member, we will pull you into the project as a friend and invite you to some of our activates. You become part of it and can feel proud about that every time you check in on the voyage.

Thanks for thinking about this. Even if you can’t help out, make sure you come down to see the boat and meet the crew early next year.

All the best…Don”

Download Prep List and Budget