Sponsors & Partner

Sponsors & Partner

With Don McIntyre driving this project, Margie McIntyre managing it and Jessica Watson mentoring the crew, this “Voyage of Imagination” is in good hands

Signing on as a “Sponsor” or “Partner” to this adventure, offers a dynamic opportunity to do something completely different and support young people. The activity itself will run for nearly two years, the journey over 25,000miles. The marketing and media possibilities are endless. Your company will align itself with two special young people and a clean, green, seamanlike yacht on a tangible adventure, followed by other young people, sailors and the world at large.

There will only be one “Sponsor”, who gets to re-name the yacht and brand this “Voyage of Imagination”.

There are however, many opportunities to become “Voyage Partners” through the supply of equipment or services.

If you would like to discuss an idea, or just chat about options, please contact us. We know how to look after you.